Limit… who?

Through the years I thought I had plenty of limitations inside and outside my asana practice, in meditation, learning and self-discovery. I think that my ‘I cannot do this’ attitude unraveled only when I experienced an actual physical injury. It was when after tough period working overtime as a chef I developed wrist tendinitis, golf and tennis elbow on both arms.
I guess my body was telling me to slow down.  Funny enough, it happened just as I started taking my yoga teachers training. So I could not keep my job and I moved to another city to start new. For the first half a year or so I consciously ignored my injury and pushed through the pain. Then later, I decided to ‘listen’ to my body and stop practicing what so ever for a few months hoping to heal. Problem was, that with time when I thought I was resting, my pain got worse, my hands kept getting weaker and inflammation spread into my shoulders, back and neck.
And there was I, crying on my mat because I ‘could not practice yoga’ aka sun salutation sequence. And then it hit me! Yoga is not just that, and hell yeah I will practice and no one will stop me. Not even myself! And there came my moon salutation, all the hand free flows and most importantly- meditation.
Now, months after, I’ve got my downward facing dogs and cobras back and I can say that my practice was never limited by that injury. It was never a limit- it was a lesson! I know it might sound corny, but it’s true… In that time I learned so much about myself, my body and my yoga. All those things, that can’t be taken away for me ever, no matter what. I am very thankful for this experience, that helped me grow and made me a better me. Better teacher, listener, better human.
There are absolutely no limits! Maybe challenges, breaking points before break throughs and most importantly lessons, but NEVER limits.
Take good care of yourself and please don’t stand in your own way!
Laima Bean